My name is


Hello, I am Greta Cavedon and I am an Italian student of Computer Science at University of Padua (Italy).
Well, for now I am 24 (twenty-four) y/o; I was born in 1995 so if I don't update this before next year, you can count for yourself.


This portfolio page was born just for fun, in a night of summer semester, for testing my capabilities to play with the code (HTML and CSS in particular), learned during the project of Web Technology (2019) at University.
I am strengthening these different skills:

(human) Language that i speak:

I am never satisfied with my knowledge, because there is no limit to the knowledge of subjects.


I have some interests like: travel, take photographs, running for long distances and IT.
Moreover, I have a particular feeling with music; I am fallen in love with Disco Music (70s), Greatest Hits (80s) and Black Music, in general, made in the 70s/80s.
I am also interested in Português language.

Where you can find me

Usually and physically, you can find me at maths library covered by books.
Otherwise, you can find me into my naïf blog, called Squerz, place where I post articles about what I love.

Philosophy of Life

“Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”


Email me at:


where: x=crew y=gretinha z=com